William Haggerty, Founder & Executive Director

Bill Haggerty is a retired local radio and television advertising salesman and sales manager.  He was left a widower upon Patrice's death.  They had been married for nearly 39 years.  Prior to the onset of her illness, with his retirement in 2015 and Patrice's eventual retirement coming within sight within a few years from then, they had had been excited to soon spend their retirement years together enjoying spoiling their grandchild(ren) and doing all the things they had been planning for their over four decades together.

Beyond his role within the Patrice Marie Haggerty Memorial Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Fund, Bill is now an active member of the Gimme Golf League and the proud owner of Patrice's pug, Pugsley.

Should you need to contact Bill directly, he can be reach via email at:  bhagge@comcast.net

Tim Haggerty, Co-Founder & Technical Director

Patrice's first-born son is a New England-based film and video editor, producer and technical consultant.  He is also the person who built and manages this website.  His professional credits include countless corporate video projects, many short films, some episodes of television and some feature work.  Two narrative features that he has worked on as a colorist are readily available on VOD through Amazon.

Along with his responsibilities to the Patrice Marie Haggerty Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Fund, Tim is the technical director and serves on the advisor board of Flickers:  The Newport Film & TV Society and Arts Collaborative, which among other things puts on the annual Rhode Island International Film Festival - an Academy-qualifying film festival and the largest film festival in New England.

Should you need to contact Tim directly, he can be reach via email at:  timothymhaggerty@comcast.net